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Help & Info about XviD Codec for windows

  • What is XviD Codec?

    This codec is a media program primarily designed for Windows operating systems. It will allow you to access, view and play the majority of common media files. The XviD format is quite universal, so it will normally be required in order to avoid any playback issues.
  • Can I download XviD Codec for free?

    This codec has always been free to download and install. The same holds true for past versions as well as any future updates that may be required. You will therefore not have to worry about any surprise charges.
  • What is the total file size associated with the XviD Codec?

    The file size associated with the most recent version of this codec (1.3.3) is 11.27 megabytes. However, please keep in mind that this size may vary slightly depending upon the version that you need as well as the operating system.
  • What operating systems are able to work together with XviD Codec?

    Although this codec was initially designed to be used in conjunction with Windows media players, there is an alternative option provided to Mac users. Simply click on the download icon below the main Softonic link in order to be taken to the appropriate page.
  • What software is required in order to use XviD Codec?

    There are several prerequisites before XviD will function. You will need to already have DirectX software as well as a compatible media player. The developers also recommend that Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher should be used in order to avoid any playback issues.
  • What are the minimum operating system requirements in order to run XviD Codec?

    All Windows systems beginning with Windows 2000/XP should be able to run this program without any issues. The developers also claim that a processor with a minimum speed of 300 MHz is desirable.
  • Can XviD Codec work with major media players?

    One of the most impressive features of this bundle is that it is able to work seamlessly with the majority of common media players. Examples include Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and VLC Player.
  • Are there other alternatives to XviD Codec?

    Assuming that you cannot download this codec, there are a handful of alternatives to consider. The Koepi Xvid MPEG4 Codec and VLC for Windows 10 are two common options. Tthese links can be found within Softonic if you wish to learn more.
  • How do I install XviD Codec?

    The installation process will normally take place automatically. First, you will need to click on the official Softonic link. The codec will then be installed on your computer. You may need to close any open media players before the changes will take effect.
  • How can I reduce skipping and buffering associated with xVid Codec?

    There may be times when a video skips or lags. In such an event, you can lower the image quality or lower the entire resolution to address any issues. Navigate to the settings section of your media player and select a lower quality. This normally fixes such problems.


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